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10th Georgia Co. A

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AAR- 6/26/2005 - Company Meeting/Drill/Dance

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After Action Report:  6/26/2005 - Company Meeting, Drill, & Dance.

On 6/26/2005 we had a company meeting, drill, and dance at Diana & Steve's home.  We had several new members in attendance to learn the drills.  Welcome to you.  We also had a visitor from a few hours North of us of the Virginia Cavalry.  Our meeting went well, going over the emediate upcoming events.  Lunch was wonderful and filling, during which there was a video for us to watch.  After lunch all moved out to the Grand Hall for some more refreshing drinks and reviewed some dances to prepair for the upcoming nuptuals of Diana & Steve.

Some of us in attendance.
Photo by:  Diana Fickas

Photo by:  Diana Fickas

Got ya!
Photo by:  Diana Fickas

Photo by:  Diana Fickas


Fire Demo.
Photo by:  Diana Fickas

Sgt. Betancourt & Miss Kimberly
Photo by:  Diana Fickas


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