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10th Georgia Co. A

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AAR - 7/9-10/2005 - AGSEM/2nd Vista

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AAR - 8/20-21/2005 - Fort Tejon 

We had no soldiers attending this event as soldiers.  Our members resided with the Company G ladies or with their own civilian camp site.  The Company G ladies helped Mrs. Larson to arrange her wedding quilt, made in matching blocks from the dress fabrics of the ladies who attended her wedding.  We are all anxious to see the finished product.  The Fickas family and additional members resided at the front of the civilian row attending to food preparation, the Remembrance School of Gentility and Refinement lessons, photo taking, helping the Widow Peters at her mercantile, and playing with the ACWS Brass Band for the Saturday evening's cotillion.

Cotillion in the Confeterate camp.
Photo by:  Diana Fickas



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