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10th Georgia Co. A

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AAR - 8/20-21/2005 - Fort Tejon

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AAR - 8/20-21/2005 - Fort Tejon

At this summer's Fort Tejon Invitational the weather was much better than last year, it was merely in the low 90's.  Our known members attending were Corporal David Haguewood, Mrs. Diana Fickas, and Miss Kimberly Fickas.
Due to upcoming and past battles Miss Kimberly's post was lively throughout the weekend, getting letters to both soldiers and civilians.

Saturday was a very relaxed day for most people at the fort.  There was a reenactor's swap meet in the morning and just a few visitors.  In the afternoon Dance Mistress Ginger Alberti made flowers for the ladies to wear in their hair during that night's cotillion; which was held on the green, surrounded with strung lanterns which cast a cheerful light upon the graceful dancers.

(Vista Cotillion)
Photo by:  Diana Fickas

Sunday was quite busy.  The Sanitary Commission had a hopping business with their bake sale.  We had two battles to enjoy.  After the first battle the fort's rangers were giving tours of the camps and the Southern troops created a ruckus in Winstontown in a planned scenario that was quite enjoyable.  Then the field hospital madness began with lots of the wounded men dying.  "There's just too many," was called out quite a bit.  Our own Miss Kimberly as Laura Scribner was one of the nurses.  She helped to move the dead out after serving as a hospital steward in amputations and chest surgeries for the doctors. 

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