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10th Georgia Co. A

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The Sentinel - November 2005

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10th Regiment     Georgia Volunteer Infantry     Company A














September 2005

The brave boys getting ready for battle




Important Dates to Remember


November 5th & 6th             Moore Park                           Moore Park, CA


November 19th                     Reinternment Confederate Soldier           

Riverside National Cemetery


January   (TBA)                    Annual ACWS Live Fire     


January 7th                            ACWS Steamboat Ball         Queen Mary, Long Beach


February 18th-20th              Calico Civil War Days           Calico Ghost Town, Yermo



General News


Sorry there has been such a gap between newsletters.  The unit has not been very busy as of late and the schedule has been pretty light.  I’ll try to get them out at least every other month from here on out, even if it’s just a short one.


The company meeting was held on Sunday, October 30th at the Larson Plantation.  We had a really good turn out and a great time as usual.  We got to meet the new recruit Howard Pearce and his family and welcome back Ryan Hollaway from Florida.  The Pearce family came in their finest southern attire and are well on their way to being all coutered up.  We discussed the upcoming events, the gentlemen did a little drill and manual of arms practice, there was a cartridge rolling lesson and practice, and lots of great conversation.  After the meeting there was a wonderful spaghetti dinner.  Thanks to everyone for bringing the side dishes and desert.  The LT. is asking that as you need to replace uniform pants, jackets, vests, etc. that you get jean wool.  In his research of the 10th Georgia he has found that jean wool was what was issued by the Columbus depot and since we are supposed to be from the Columbus area it would be more authentic.


Upcoming Campaigns & Events


Moore Park            Held at the Tierra Rejada Ranch in Moore Park , CA, the Howitzer website has this sited as the largest event in Southern California.  There will be three battles on Saturday with on being in the evening, and two battles on Sunday.  There is a $2.00 registration fee for the event.  There will be a dinner on Saturday evening that will need to be paid for at the time you register.  The cost is $6.00 per person and is being provided by Chuy’s Restaurants. 

            Driving Directions – North on I-15 to CA 91W toward Beach Cities, merge onto CA 71 N toward Ontario/Pomona, merge onto CA 57 N to I-210 W via exit on the left toward Pasadena, merge onto CA 118 W, merge onto CA 23 S.  Take the Tierra Rejada Road exit turn right on Tierra Rejada Road, turn left onto Sunset Valley Road, the park is at 3370 Sunset Valley Road.

Schedule of Events for More Park Event

Friday, November 4th

9:00 Reenactor arrival and set-up begins.
9:30-12:30 School Program

Saturday, November 5th

9:00 Officers' Call: Federal and Confederate Staff and all unit commanders (Confederate Division HQ)
9:30 Officers' Call (Each Division HQ)
10:00 Event officially begins. All vehicles out of camp
10:30 Meet Mr. Lincoln and the Generals (Reviewing Stand)
11:15 Assembly, Safety Briefing and Weapons Inspection
11:15 "A Moment in Time with the Picketts" (Reviewing Stand)
11:50 Grand Review
12:00 First Engagement, “Battle of First Manassas/Bull Run”
12:45 Artillery Gun and Team Demonstration (Battlefield)
12:45 Living History throughout camps
1:15 Appomattox Surrender Ceremony (Reviewing Stand)
1:45 Civil War Ballroom Dance Class (Open to the Public and Reenactors.) (Dance Floor)
2:30 Assembly and weapons inspection
3:00 Second Engagement, “Battle of 2nd Manassas, ”
        immediately followed by the
Gettysburg Address
4:00 Historical Clothing Presentation (Reviewing Stand)
4:45 Assembly and weapons inspection
5:15 Third Engagement, “Cold Harbor”–“Great Balls of Fire!”
7:00-9:30(?) Dance--Fort Tejon Heritage Players performing
10:00 Taps–Quiet in camp.

Sunday, November 6th

7:00 Reveille
8:30 Church call
9:00 Federal and Confederate Brigade and Battalion Commanders Meeting (Federal Division HQ)
10:00 Living History throughout camps
10:30 Appomattox Surrender Ceremony
11:00 "A Moment in Time with the Picketts" (Reviewing Stand)
11:15 Assembly, Safety Briefing and Weapons Inspection
11:50 Grand Review
12:00 Fourth Engagement, “Battle of Antietam ”
12:45 Artillery Team Demonstration (field)
12:45 Civil War Ballroom Dance Class (Open to the Public & Reenactors on the Dance Floor)
12:45 Living History in camps
1:00 Meet Mr. Lincoln and the Generals (Reviewing Stand)
1:30 Historical Clothing Presentation (Reviewing Stand)
1:30 Assembly, Safety Briefing and Weapons Inspection
2:00 Fifth Engagement, “Battle of Chancellorsville”
2:45 Raffle for reenactors (Must be present to win!)
3:00 Meet Mr. Lincoln and the Generals (second session) (Reviewing Stand)
3:15 Break camp as necessary.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at Moore Park.  Have a safe trip up.





On a Sadder Note


I’m not sure who remembers Brother Steve McKenna from the 6th US, but he passed away this last week.  He was a friend and leader to all of the G Company men and ladies alike.  We will miss his wonderful singing voice and jovial spirit.  I found this picture of him at the Moore Park event last year and thought I would include it with this note.


Brother Steve inspecting the troops at Moore Park






Secretary for the 10th Georgia

Lynette Corten



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