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10th Georgia Co. A

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AAR - Final Quarter of 2005

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AAR - Final Quarter for 2005

Oct. 8  - Diana & Steve's Invitational Wedding and Cotillian
Wonderful!  Beautiful.  Attended by the majority of the company and many of our other friends and family.

Oct. 7, 8, 9 -  Fresno Invitational,  Kearney Park, near Fresno
A few of us traveled up there after Steve and Diana H. wedding to arrive just as the dance was underway.

Nov. 5,6 -  The Blue & The Gray, Mighty Stonewall! , Tierra Rajada Ranch, Moorpark
Again a great event.  The night battle on Saturday went very well with some good cannon 'fire' photos.
The stars turned out again this year, including Bruce Boxlightner and his wife Melissa Gilbert.  We also had shooting stars in the sky during a meator shower that displayed itself brightly on Friday night.

October 22, 23.  Marching Through History Exposition/ Prado Regional Park, Chino.
A really cool event to attend.  A bit of a time warp seeing people from all different history eras all in one place.

November 12-13, Thousand Trails, Soledad Canyon, ACWS
This was a first time event with good potential.  It was attended, next year should see even greater numbers.  The battle field was awesome.  It has trees, and hills, and curves....big.  There is shade and grass and trees everywhere.  A bit cold at night, but the day was very nice.  The dance was very good, called by Mr. Atkins.

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