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Events - 2006

Dates in Bold = Attend as a company.
X = Date has past.

January 2006

X Jan 14-15:   7th Annual Live Fire Invitational, Seeley, (IVLHA/ACWS) Members and Invitees only.

February 2006

X Feb. 18 - 20:  Calico Ghost Town, Yermo, ACWS Members only.

March 2006

X March 10: School Presentation, Vista Acadamy, Vista, school request
X March 11 - 12:  AGSEM(Antique Gas & Steem Engine Museum), Vista, (Howitzers)
X March 18-19: St. Catherine's Military School, Anaheim, (Washingtion Artillery)

April 2006
X April 1-2: Prado Park, Chino, SCCWA
X April 22: Living History @ Heritage Park, Santa Fe Springs, SFS Parks

May 2006
X May 5-6:  Wooden Nickel Ranch, Menifee, ACWS
X May 12: School Presentation, Muirlands Middle School, LJ(San Diego), 10th GA
Cancelled: May 20: Tea with the Ladies of the Civil War, Pharoh's Lost Kingdon, Redlands, ACWS Civilian Corps
X May 26: School Presentation, Vista, 10th GA

June 2006
X June 2:  School Presentation, Coronado Middle School, San Diego, 10th GA (pending)

July 2006
X July 4: Temecula Independance Day Parade, Temecula
X July 8-9: Vista-2, AGSEM, Vista, (Howitzer's)
X July 15-16: Casini Campgrounds, Duncan's Mills, CHAS/NCWA

August 2006
X Aug. 19-20: Ardenwood Park, Fremont, NCWA
X Aug. 19-20: Fort Tejon Invitational, Fort Tejon State Park, Lebec, FTHA 

September 2006
X Sep. 2-3: Huntington Central Park, Huntington Beach, HBCWS, ACWS sponsored.
X Sep. 16-17: Remembrance Fall Festival & Grand Soldier's Encampment, Riley's Farm, Oak Glen, ACWS Civillian Corps

October 2006
X Oct. 7-8: Thousand Trails, Acton, ACWS
X Oct. 20-22: Kearney Park, Fresno, NCWA
X Oct. 28-29: Spring's Mountain Ranch, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Las Vegas, NV, ACWS

November 2006
X Nov. 4-5: Blue Grey Days, Tierra Rejada Ranch, Moorpark, Moorpark Rotary Club
X Nov. 11: Reagon Library, Simi Valley, ACWS

December 2006
X Dec. ??: 10th Georgia Company Meeting and Christmas Cotillion

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