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10th Georgia Co. A

 10th Regiment
     Georgia Volunteer Infantry
     Company A

Photo by: Diana Fickas

Unofficial state banner of mid 1800's. Color non-specific.

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March 2009
7-8: Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, Vista, CA (Gold Coast Festivals, Inc.) )Information
April 2009
4-5: Prado Regional Park, Chino, CA (SCCWA)
May 2009
30-31: El Dorado East Regional Park, Long Beach, CA, (Howitzers)
July 2009
September 2009
5-6: Huntington Central Park, Huntington Beach, CA (HBHS)  photos,  Information
12: Remembrance Fall Fair and Grand Soldier's Encampment-All Reenactors Invited, Riley's Farm, Oak Glen, CA (ACWS-Civilian Corps)
October 2009
3-4: Kearney Park, Fresno, CA (NCWA)18thAnnualCivilWarRevisited 
17-18: Wooden Nickel Ranch, Menifee, CA (ACWS
November 2009
7-9: Tierra Rajada Ranch, Moorpark, CA (Moorpark Rotary and Howitzers)

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The Confederate Sentinels

Edited by: Sgt Donald Brunt

Assembled from the finest sons Muscogee County, Georgia had to offer, and known as the Confederate Sentinels, the 10th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company A served with distinction in almost every major engagement with Union forces during The War Between the States.

Called into service of the Confederate States in the Provisional Army on May 28, 1861, the 10th Georgia, Company A first served under Major General J.B. Magruder and General Joseph E. Johnston. In 1862, the regiment was permanently assigned to General James Longstreet’s First Corps, McLaw’s Division, and the Semmes-Bryan-Simms Brigade, serving with the Army of Northern Virginia, General Robert E. Lee commanding, for the entire war, except during General Longstreet’s expedition following Gettysburg to assist Confederate forces in Georgia and Tennessee.

The 10th Georgia, Company A fought in all of the major Eastern theater campaigns of the war: The Seven Days Battles (1862), Campton’s Gap (1862), Sharpsburg (1862), Fredericksburg (1862), Chancellorsville (1863), Gettysburg (1863), Chickamauga (in reserve) (1863), The Wilderness (1864), Cold Harbor (1864), Saylor’s Creek (1865). The Company was present at the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox in April of 1865.


In 1997, a group of veteran reenactors envisioned a Confederate reenacting unit dedicated to the authentic portrayal of the entire war experience of the south, including those of the women and children whose suffering was immense and courage inspiring. Today, the 10th Georgia, Company A reenactment encampment boasts a thriving membership of devoted living historians accurately re-creating the life of the Confederate soldier and the nomadic existence of the displaced persons, women and children who without shelter or protection, made their homes with the Confederate armies.

The 10th Georgia, Company A is a member unit of the American Civil War Society, and is active at reenactments throughout Southern California. It is the objective of this group to honor and preserve the memory of the heroic men in whose name this unit serves, and to educate the public about the Confederacy and life in the South during this time of great conflict.  

Because we travel to events all over the state to teach and learn in this living historian way, the price of fuel has a direct impact on our total out of pocket costs.
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